Other than writing, I enjoy video games, especially LOTRO; I also play Neverwinter and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Because I have to walk past Midtown Comics on my way too and from work, I can easily indulge myself in comics (see my Recommendation page for some favorites. I play chess on Chess.com, where I welcome all challengers (handle: stephenspower). I was a fifteen-year season ticket holder for the NY Jets (my father had tickets for more than 45 years), I’m a die-hard Yankee fan, and I’ve started watching Premiere League football, following Liverpool and Swansea.

I went to Wesleyan for a B.A. in English and the University of Florida for my M.A., doing a thesis on Blake, but concentrating mostly on Gator football.

I live in Maplewood, NJ (you could take exit 143B off the Parkway, but you’re better off taking 142 onto 78 West, then taking 50B) with my wife, my daughter and a dog named Travis.