I don’t want to get political on my blog–that’s what Thanksgiving dinners are for–but come one. This is a rare week. When I crowed about my own accomplishments last weekend, I dared not hope that:

1. The Roberts Court would uphold the right of all American citizens to marry, not legislating from the bench, but correcting a wrong that never should have been a law in the first place.

2. The Court would also continue to prevent discrimination in housing.

3. And it would uphold the 8,996 words of the Obamacare legislation, as well as the drafters’ own intent, that contravened what a half-formed four-word phrase said.

On top of that, impossibly, the murder of eight more African-Americans by yet another racist terrorist ended up doing some good by causing the Confederate swastika to be dragged down from state house flagpoles and pulled from the shelves of major retailers.

My little victories are nothing compared to all this.

Is America perfect now? No, but it’s better on this Friday than it was on Monday.