October, which by my decree shall include all days since I last posted, has been very good.

Lightspeed pubd my story “Fade To Red: Three Interviews About Sebold’s Mars Trilogy,” as well created a wonderful audio version and did a spotlight interview with me. What an amazing job they did, especially the audio version recreating the interview structure. And fittingly, the day it came out, Europe’s probe approached the planet, while Pres. Obama said America, despite the story’s prediction, would be sending a manned mission.

It’s gotten two reviews so far. Charles Payseur at Quick Sips was very generous. Rocket Stack Ranking didn’t like it as much.

Eddie Generous at Unnerving Magazine was also kind enough to post an interview with me prior to the release of the first issue, which will include my story “The Glittering Point.”

And StarShipSofa podcasted “Stripped to Zero.” To hear a story set in Tennessee read in a very different accent adds whole new dimensions to it.

And the month is only going to get better with Amazing Stories pubg “The Sounding Cataract” on 10/16 and Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores pubg “Mr. Pony” around Halloween.”

Meanwhile, in my other life, I’ve been blogging for Amacom. Here are my essay What DON’T Editors Want. Soon I’ll start a series called “The Why to Buy,” which will show authors how to create a business model for your book.