With The Dragon Round coming out (and getting some good reviews on Amazon), that means I became a guest blogger.

Writers Digest published an updated version of my post “The 2 Questions You’re Actually Asking When You Ask, ‘How Do I Write a Novel?’” with a much better tagline on Twitter: “How to Go from 0 Words to 100,000?”

And Amacom published my new piece “5 Ways Writers Can Pass the Hemingway Test.”

In a nice bit of happenstance for book promotion, Every Day Fiction put out “Card, Candle and Mirror” and Swords & Sorcery published “Time Is a Lady’s Unerring Blade.”  Deep Magic will include “The Catskill Dragon” in their August issue.

I heard that Lightspeed will include “Fade to Mars” in their October issue. October will also see “Mr. Pony” in Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores for Halloween.” “A Presentation to the Imperial Society of Mancers” probably won’t be out in the Silent Screams anthology until November. The issue of Amazing Stories with “The Sounding Cataract” has been delayed as a result of health issues, and I’d rather see Steve Davidson’s wife get better than see anything I’ve written in print.

This week was devoted, though, to the first Business Writers Conference, where I led two sessions, “What Publishers Want” and “The Why to Buy” on creating a business model for your book before you write it. I’m thinking of turning the latter into an AMA webinar. Plus I got to drive back to Atlanta with my author, Paul Smith, which was great fun–then he got me into the Delta Sky Lounge. I just can’t return to sitting at the gate.

Now back to writing novels.