After working through a wonderful copyedit by Dominick Montalto, I got to work on something I’ve been waiting a long time to do: create a cast of characters for the book. And by “create,” I mean sort and revise the list of characters Dominick put together, which makes the book sound like something from Shakespeare.

Dramatis Personae


  • Jeryon, the captain
  • Livion, the first mate
  • Solet, the second mate, an Ynessi
  • Tuse, the third mate and oarmaster
  • Everlyn, the apothecary, an Aydeni
  • Hume, a guilded rower
  • Bearclaw, a contract rower
  • Beale, an harpooner
  • Topp, a sailor


  • Press, the first mate
  • Edral, the second mate
  • Igen, an harpooner
  • Rowan, the ship’s boy

The Wolf Pack

  • Jos, the first mate
  • Mylla and Barad, lamps
  • Bodger and Gibbery, harpooners
  • Mulcent and Sumpt, owners
  • Kley, an oarmaster
  • Blass, a shoveler


  • Chelson, an owner
  • Tristaban, his daughter
  • Holestar, Skite and Derc, his guards
  • Felic, his office boy
  • Sivarts, one of his captains
  • Kathi, one of his remora
  • Ophardt, his footman
  • Asper, “the White Widow,” a fellow owner
  • Omer, a trade rider
  • Herse, the army’s general
  • Rego, his adjutant
  • Birming and Pashing, sergeants
  • Ject, the city guard’s general
  • Ravis, his first guard
  • Oftly, new guard of his retinue
  • Husting, a sergeant of the city guard
  • Chevron, sergeant of the Tower Guards
  • Isco and Bern, guards
  • Eles, an owner and leader of the City Council
  • Prieve, the sea general
  • Almond, a proprietor
  • Strig, a tanner
  • Fakkin Tawmy, a fixer
  • Mags, a customs official

Assorted sailors and rowers, prisoners and proprietors, traders and whores, workers and servants, guards, soldiers and citizens.

And several dragons.