Monday saw the publication of my sixth story at AE, You’ll Never Walk Alone, which was accepted just last week, and my first at Flash Fiction Online, Mamita. Once again I owe both to the precise editing of DF McCourt and Suzanne Vincent, respectively.

Last week I also found out that StarShipSofa would be reading my Nature story Stripped to Zero. With River Boys slated to be read on FarFetchedFables, now I only need to crack TaleToTerrify to pull of the spec fic trifecta.

After that, though, the rejections started pouring in, including one from a place that had held a story I’ve been trying to get pubd for a long time. Argh…

I’m slammed with stuff to write, including three essays that should appear around the pub date for The Dragon Round, plus a presentation at a business writers conference, which naturally means I’m doing worldbuilding for something entirely different and playing lots of LOTRO. I need to focus.