A little update:

My story “Automatic Sky,” which AE published, will be reprinted by Evil Girlfriend Media, my first reprint. (Side note: I have to get more diligent about submitting reprints).

“River Boys,” which appeared in the anthology Faed, will be podcast by StarShipSofa’s Far Fetched Fables.

I have stories behind held at Daily Science Fiction, Grimdark, Intergalactic Medicine Show, and Uncanny. Which means I’ve taken nail-chewing to a new level. And by mentioning this I’ve probably jinxed myself horribly.

And a book I commissioned and edited, We Are Market Basket, is up for the CEO-READ Best Business Book of the Year Award. If it wins, that’d be a huge feather in Amacom’s cap. That said, there are two other books on stakeholder management also up for the award, and if either wins I’d be happy. The message will get out, and that’s what’s really important.