For fifteen years I wrote poetry and for the last ten exclusively formal, narrative works. My aesthetic was defined by what I appreciated about the movie “The Illusionist”: a little bit of history, a little bit of mystery, and a little bit of magic. I wrote about Jack the Ripper, Robin Hood, various wars, various science subjects, an execution during the French Revolution, The Golem, Thor, Bizarro Pa Kent, ghosts and a Gaiman sestina set during the fires after the San Francisco earthquake.

So it wasn’t much of a jump for me to write science fiction and fantasy after my colleague said one day at work, “Why would anyone write a kid’s book without a dragon?” And I replied, “Why would anyone write any book without a dragon?” I promptly went back to my office and sketched the outline for a series of books that would each detail a pivotal moment in human-dragon relations over the centuries.

While I work on the sequel to The Dragon Round, I’ve also been writing short fiction, which is seductive fun because I can have a draft in a week or two whereas a novel takes me more than a year.

I hope you like my work.